UK week almost over

This time last week I had left South African shores and was on route to the UK. Land of my birth and now almost not part of the European Union. It has been a week of chatting, laughing, gently crying, surprises, wheezing, gifts, biscuits and many cups of tea (not a surprise).

50 years ago I showed my face to this part of the blue globe so it was kind of fitting that I was here to witness a democratic referendum. But I wasn’t here for politics, I was here to gently ease into my long walk.FB_IMG_1467067955844
I celebrated my 21st birthday in Glasgow and that too was supposed to be a launch of my gap year travels. But then I chickened out after landing bright eyed at Schiphol airport and saw that the world was very different to what I had imagined. This birthday saw my spread-out family show up unexpectedly, to show that they supported me and my journey  (I think!) It was fantastic to see them all and celebrate life together.

Tomorrow I meet my husband (who has been working and missed out on all the festivities) for two days, in France which feels like a pitstop which isn’t really fair on the city. I never thought I would say that Paris would be a sideline but this time, it is. I was searching on ways to get to the hotel and I realised how little attention I gave this section of my trip. It is like the warm up band to the main attraction of the Camino Santiago.20160627_115711




I am both nervous and excited at the prospect ahead. I am quite different to that youthful, falsley confident, 21 year old. This time I know that it is okay to admit my fear. I know that I am no longer as shy as I once was (yes -gasp) and it is okay to ask for help. I am aware of my physical limits but now also am excited to challenge them. I am not scared of strange food but I am still a little afraid of the dark (and the abyss under the bed- blerry Hitchcock). But I now have Google and cellphones and Internet and a credit card plus I have




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  1. You are going to ace the Camino with two guardian angels with you every step of the way (you know who they are).
    Looking forward to the posts that yo manage along the way.

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