From Peregrine to tourist. What a leap. It meant I walked without a stick and cap. Clothes and pony tail remain. Simply because a short fling in Barcelona hadn’t been planned and the other because my hair has grown considerably unruly in the Spanish heat. Tourist also means no real places to get to and I can ‘park’ my rucksack in my locker for 5 glorious nights. It is the simple things in life that seem to take priority when far from home.

But I must admit that I am simply loving Barcelona. I am not sure if I would have appreciated it as much had I not walked a long stretch of Spain but I am finding everything fascinating. The art, food, English speaking shop keepers, trains, buses, bicycles -did I mention trains? Ha, I am loving the subway if while mentally working out how far the actual distance would be between the stops and knowing that I could have walked it. I am loving the different cultures all showing up eager to see the works of Gaudi or Picasso  or the historic buildings, beaches, designer shops, flamboyant flamenco dancers, ladies of the night and the nightlife (of which- I know nothing). The city seems to have everything.

I have had two trips booked the past two days and tomorrow I don’t have to be anywhere at any time. What bliss. I may visit a shopping mall as the end of season sales are on and our Summer is about to start¬† (yey)! The variety of clothes is great and different and today, I even tried on a dress! However it stayed in the shop because I couldn’t see past the ponytail and running shoes. Tomorrow I think I may have to leave my credit card behind.(Perhaps the running shoes too)

Onwards and outwards!

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