The unexpected

What a whirlwind of a few months. But I got through it and have come out the other side with brand new premises and a renewed passion for tapping.

Last year I had been looking at getting full time employment and then I realised that I can’t fit in to the regular style of job. So I started planning new projects involving the city, buildings and history (a newly discovered passion) At the same time I was going for treatment for my stiff back from my magic Bowen therapist. Fast forward to now and here I am, sharing business premises with him.

I knew things were out of my hands when he started describing his new premises and one of my favourite buildings in my area popped into my head. Turns out it is indeed the same  building I had my silent affinity with- complete with tall trees and curvy walls. With a blink of an eye and some hubby help moving my things, I am now ready to receive you and help you make positive shifts.

I now have  a great app that you can make your appointments on ( instead of waiting for me  to call you back after my sessions) and everything has been so smooth that I still have a slight feeling of disbelief. But I am tapping on that ?

So come along and get a feel for the new office which is in RandparkRidge.

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