Want some sugar, honey?

It has been a strange but interesting time for me these past two months. I have been on a sugar and carb restricted diet. For no particular reason other than I wanted to try it. This in itself is a huge statement for me because all my life, I have protected my sugar need with a ferocity that is quite unlike me. I needed sugar, I loved cake, took comfort from chocolate and reward from biscuits. How could I live without it? Movies and documentaries, books and articles all screamed the dangers of my indulgence yet I defended myself carefully. The thought of living without it petrified me as it had become my joy, my luxury.

So on a Monday morning ¬†(naturally) in December, I started saying no to English tea and yes to herbal. I have slowly come off carbs in the past two years apart from the odd sandwich which was always an easy meal when hubby was around. I cut right back on my one-time favourite food, pasta in a slow process because the ‘garlic’ gave me really bad wind. For me, the low carbs was easy but there was a part of me that really doubted parting with my white stuff.

I didn’t want it to be a big deal or get any excessive attention so I didn’t say anything to anyone. After a few days, hubby asked and I told him I was cutting down, not giving up, sugar. I don’t want to feel restricted or pressurised by guilt when I do eat my old way. I got through the Christmas season relatively unscathed and I found myself looking at my Woolies treats and really feeling my body to see what it wanted. I must admit surprise when it went ‘nah, don’t feel like it’.

So now a good few weeks later, I am still enjoying myself. I do have a sweet fizzy drink after a run but even that is waning. For the first time in my adult  life, I know what it feels like to be full and not bloatec and that is the most surprising thing of all.

So here is to a healthier me! Roll out the sugar barrel