Spanish fever

Today was a hard day. My feet throbbed and I started to feel a bit feverish. I wasn’t sure if it was from my icky chest or the pain from my feet spreading through my body.

The  day started  cooler than yesterday and I was grateful that I had put it in ‘cool’ towel that was being used now to keep my neck warm. I mistakenly put my walking stick in my backpack that was being driven to the next stop over point and there were some mean uphills in the early stage of the day. Thankfully Grace loaned me one of hers which helped tremendously from further scrunching my delicate toes.

I started planning my next days as rest days when we stopped in a town for a drink. I took the plasters off my grateful toes and saw that a plaster fold had started to rub. After an airing and a gentle massage, I felt good to go. 20160711_104926_010

We approached the town of Logroño and saw big buildings and I wondering how far my hotel was. We walked along the motorway on a path for a  long time so I got out my music to deafen the traffic noise. It helped lift my spirit a bit and on reaching the city I saw that my hotel was close to the walking route and made my way over. After getting a little bit lost, I figured it out and to my dismay I realised that I had a 3 hour wait before I could check in. I Visited the cathedral and marvelled at all the gold displayed and then I sat a local cafe on the square and just accepted the fact that I am still lucky to be here. As they say in Afrikaans ‘more is nog ‘n dag’. Tomorrow is another day!

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