Sea Series. Day 4

Sadly day 4 means the last full day in my midweek trip.  But I was excited to witness another colourful sunrise and after uhming and ahing decided to run carrying my phone. I saw all sorts of quirks of this small town that I wanted to immortalize in image form instead of just in my busy brain. 

The street in the tourist side is really just one layer of apartments or houses deep and the sand dune is very high and steep. I was amazed by some of the construction work going on as well as the retainer walls of yesteryear.  The weather was mild and the tourists were gone due to the one day public holiday being spent. There were some friendly runners full of greetings and it’s easy to feel cheerful while running along a beautiful beach. 

One of my loves for social media is the connection of things. A friend who I had only met once in the Drakensberg  years ago, lives locally and she took me to some hidden gems in the area for coffee and a catch up. I love it when brunch plans have the capacity to become evening meals because the conversation isn’t done. Although we returned before sunset,  it is a nice feeling knowing that social media helped germinate a new friendship. 

Sadly my suitcase is almost packed and my belongings were reluctant to climb back in knowing that some cold weather awaits inland.  In the beginning of the year I was determined to cut my overhead expenses and my timeshare fees were on that list. But, I am truly pleased that I didn’t because although my timeshare points are now finished, it’s been an exciting 6 months spending 2 years of unused points in an efficient manner. 

But now, how to fill the next 6 months?

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