Sea Series. Day 3

My second morning had me leap out of bed quickly. Although it’s night 3, it’s only the second sea sunrise I get to see. I was convinced I saw more dolphins and they were hanging around (or leaping?) in one spot, so I grabbed my shoes and dashed downstairs.  The doors were closed due to the earlyness and I walked reluctantly away.  I got a notion to try the door at the lift and it allowed me access to the fresh morning.

Sunrises are very quick in South Africa,  well let’s say the pink colours are quick so I knew that I had to move quickly around the corner to try get a clear picture of the dolphins, which turned out to be fishermen on small boats. Argh! But I decided to keep walking as the street was alive with people which was due to the ( forgotten) public holiday.  I was amazed at how many fishermen there were.  Plus the tide was high so lots of the men were casting off from the pavement.  Families sat patiently in the cars, youngsters in their onesies which made me think about home and the Jozi frost. 

I walked along to the older cottages that I had seen the day before and I decided to go live  for my Facebook skit, with them as a backdrop as well as the size of the plant- covered dunes looming over the small homes.

I’m always curious as to how people live, and how different it must be in amongst all the modern holiday apartments. Three vocal dogs were wishing the fishermen a good catch as I made my way back to get ready for my run.

The foot traffic was far busier as families spilled from their beds onto the pavement and I decided to turn up the one street that didn’t have a ‘dead-end’ sign. You know that dune I mentioned earlier? Well it forced me to stop halfway up the road and catch my breath. I saw a family of fellow Joziburgers admiring a magnificent tree and we all lamented on how we don’t see this beauty every day.

The cars and people were at least 3 times as many as day 2 so I opted to go for lunch early to beat the rush. I had the most delicious tuna salad although I had to pick out a generous amount of tongue tingling avocado. The staff seem genuinely happy to serve down here albeit not with the inland haste, so I sat quietly and eavesdropped on the youngsters beside me,  and their hangover reports.

I managed to so some work, and walked along to the tidal pool which was busy. The narrow street parked to the max, I dread to think about life here in the Summer months with Christmas holidays. I sat on a bench for a while conscious of my mask and long sleeved top. I certainly won’t be returning with any trace of a tan, but I will have a glint in my eye. 

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