The last two days days I have walked solo and it has been very interesting. Hubby is concerned that I am on my own but I am enjoying it. The only downside is  (ok there are two) that when something funny happens it feels strange laughing to myself and the second thing is that I have to get stuff out of my own rucksack and not have a fellow pilgrim just dig into the pocket while still on my back.

I had my first experience of getting ‘lost’. This happened approximately 4 minutes after my inner congratulating myself that I can spot the yellow arrow route indicators. I ambled on a path and I did have a thought that this didn’t seem as well maintained as the others. I continue on and spot a man in the bushes. I am a little nervous to see what he was up to but he swung round and started talking very animatedly and I stood blinking and blanking. He eventually said the words Santiago and pointed as he was bending down to draw a map (I think). I had thrust my phone with Google Translate on, in his face and it was his turn to blink at it. Eventually the penny ( or should that be cent?) dropped and I turned back saying as best I can ‘ gracias’.

I had a cute bunny jump out on the path and run ahead, on two mornings and I am loving seeing all the butterflies. The bird life is amazing too and I am enjoying the different chirps and songs when the loud heartbeat in my ears stops. I must be getting walking fit as I can get further up a hill without needing to stop after 10 steps. Although yesterday there was a mother of a climb which seemed to tease me by providing little shade for me to stop at. I was standing there panting my head off when suddenly I saw a cyclist who was having it much worse than me. His bike almost did a wheelie it was so steep so I began to feel better. A few hundred metres up ahead I saw him have to get off and push. My backpack felt a lot lighter from then on.

I am truly loving the beauty of the place, both in nature and in the towns. It is really beautiful and quiet. It seems like the people are either always working or always siesta-ing. As a ‘Pilgrim’ we have access to 3 course dinners for around  €10. Last night 5 of us hostel dwellers sat down to a meal prepared by an older looking gentleman  (but who knows- right?). He had a heavy radio station playing rather loudly and it was the first time I have heard the radio. To add to my entertainment I saw him dance to a song through the screen.

This whole experience is so out of my expectations and so much better. I have been asked is it living up to my expectations and I can honestly say I came with an open mind. I heard lots of different stories, forums and 3 books but it has been like my own serving of a Camino journey.

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