Oh Soly soly

Today was the first stretch that I walked my own as a solo pilgrim . The initial day doesn’t really count as there were many of us and we all set off at the same time.
This morning I was the only Pelegrina (pilgram) that was leaving the hostel and I made my way through a very excited city of Pomplona readying themselves for the San Fermín festival that began at noon. I walked past delivery trucks, bar workers setting up tables, flag erectors on tiny balconies, early morning smokers who wished me a ‘Beun Camino’ meaning ‘good journey’ and is the standard greeting for anyone with a backpack.
I followed the silver waymarkers dotted in the cobblestone streets of the old town allowing them to guide me out of the city.
It seemed that I reached the countryside very quickly were I was treated to splendid views and happy dogs romping with their owners along the paths between the fields. I am suffering from dog envy and one lovely dog must have realised this as the golden retriever rushed out the golden barley to let me pat him. We parted ways smiling and I started noticing how busy the birds were at giving me music along my route.
I reached my hostel rather quickly and contemplated going on but my feet and back squealed so I  checked in a very busy room that sleeps 11.
I spent the day chatting to a Scotsman who has done a lot of camino’s and he gave me a lot of useful information. In the evening while the sun still coated the sky at 9pm I was lured back into the street by a local who entertained us with some local guitar and songs. Now I have a very loud snorer at the end of my bunk who is shaking the ground. I had better find myself a private room soon!


2 thoughts on “Oh Soly soly

  1. And all I can hear is that “Middle of the Road song – Soley soley…..” even though its
    spelled different !!!!! Soul on baby

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