Landscape changes

As I reach the end of my second week of walking, the landscape has changed rather dramatically. The Pyrenees are far behind me with the Heidi houses, cowbells and lush green slopes and it seems so long ago that I saw it. Now winelands with golden barley  (I think) weave the less dramatic but still beautiful, horizon. I am thankful that the extreme slopes have lessened although I may be getting walking fit as I am needing to stop less on the uphills.


Postcard villages still insist on my taking endless snaps although I must admit to getting ‘pretty view fatigue ‘. I am finding a new ‘routine ‘ and I am still enjoying the walking. There was a day when I was considering getting close to Spanish public transport but eventually decided to only send my rucksack on ahead to the next stop over point. What an instant mood booster. Every morning I feel such glee at leaving behind my ‘burden’ of baggage and get out into the fresh air with a renewed enthusiasm. There are the critics who say that it is ‘cheating ‘ and is not the way of the pilgrim but I thought about it and I realised that the medieval pilgrim would not have been carrying everything that I was carrying. Plus they would not be walking in hi-tech shoes nor carrying plastic bottles. This is 2016 and we have the modern facilities as well as WiFi so I am making the most of my situation.

I am still so impressed with Spain and its people. Everyone greets us with a  ‘Beun Camino ‘ and are very welcoming in an un-English way. I have had conversations with me nodding yet I still manage to follow the gist of what they have said. As the routine begins to settle and the kilometres get ticked off, I remain grateful for this amazing experience and am looking forward to each stage.

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