Is that really it?

A bumpy night in a sea sawing bunk bed saw me leap out at the early hour of 7am. The girl from the top bunk across the way had suddenly got very restless and noisy and then fell into my bunk off her downwards ladder. I really wanted to laugh in my sick humour kind of way, so I thought it best to go snortle in the shower.

I had walked up the hill to the most South Western lighthouse in Europe the night before, with intentions of watching the sunset. At first I wasn’t too keen, after all, the sun sets late in Europe plus it meant a 3km walk back in the dark- which is not my favourite thing, but I went along with Grace to be less of a party pooper. The walk itself was beautiful as the rugged coastline is surrounded by a very active sea and I enjoyed the trip up. The lighthouse area was mobbed and after my sight seeing was done I started to get fidgety. The final straw was having to pay 25cents for toilet paper and of course I had no change. Growling around all of a sudden there was screaming babies, smokers and hoards of people. Feeling like a husband outside the shops in a mall, I eventually excused myself and made my way downhill.  Again the view consoled me and gave me a good chance to recollect the amazement of this trip.

About half way , this young Scots lad who I had met along the way last week, came cheerfully up carrying a 5 litre wine bottle. I was thrilled to see him and said a real good-bye to an amazing young lad. I was impressed with his great energy and way of dealing with people while walking this route on his own. He is studying to be a nurse and the profession suits him. I got back to the hostel and had a quick shower before the sunset people returned.

We took the bus back to Santiago this morning, in order for us to go our separate ways and the bus unexpectedly stopped at the train station. I leapt up, climbed into the belly of the bus to retrieve my rucksack and just like that, it was gone. My Camino companion gone.  I stood still for a moment and some swear words popped in my mind. ( I wonder who I am channeling?) I am now on my own. A real tourist. Although I am still wearing my Camino tshirt and there are still many people with walking sticks, it is me now waiting for a train to Barcelona.

Here I go!

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