In praise of Cosmos

Every year around Easter, people become a little more aware of their surroundings.  A splash of colour in unlikely places makes us pause for a moment.  All along our open roads people point and sigh. Some people even stop their cars to admire the view. Fans go on photography hunts in the pursuit of the blooming weeds which transform boring, often unsightly bits of land into breathtaking views. These weeds are known locally as Cosmos.

A person can’t look at the view and not feel happy. The history of the plant is varied but I am sure the effect remains the same.  Cosmos lifts our spirits. Sometimes they appear early, around Christmas time and people try and predict the future winter. For me, the season of hibernation is not my favourite although in the past few years it has changed due to the excitement of the Comrades marathon being run. But for a few short weeks of Cosmos we are reminded that even wasteland can be beautiful.  Nature reminds us that it likes cycles, something that I often forget. But feasting my eyes on a field of blooms is a cycle that reminds me of the beauty of simplicity and a quiet promise of returning to a place of pleasure.


Thanks to Leanne Duvenage for the lovely picture.



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