My name is Cathie and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was born in Scotland half a century ago when times were very different. Fear and obedience ruled the world but there was the beginnings of shifts in society and music caused a lot of changes.
15All my life I told myself “I can’t” and for many years I believed it. Then things started to shift when I started to run for fun. It became a physical transformation of all my limiting beliefs and I began to hear myself saying “I can and I will”. On reflection I spent a lot of my life ‘proving’ that I could, but it is only recently that I am beginning to believe it!
I want to ‘save’ the world by studying to become a nurse when I first left school. However I didn’t consider just how intensely I feel things, so ended up getting too emotional and caring ‘too much’ for my own good to continue my studies, so left after one year of medicine. Plus, the world isn’t really broken.
I then found myself in a world that was exciting, dirty and technical. One that I had never seriously 2449_1054222730057_7986910_nconsidered, because I never knew the option was open for me. This was the world of TV Outside Broadcasts, where I loved being a sound engineer. I use the engineer term loosely, because we were never really engineers, but did do engineering things like troubleshoot faults, solder with a hot iron, and test circuits, and set up microphones and mixing desks. It was a thrilling job that made the adrenaline rush, and yet most of the time was spent hurrying up and waiting. Eventually I grew tired of the travel and trying to prove that I was one of the boys. I wasn’t and never would be, but I discovered that I was uniquely me!
cancelled-coverAfter a decade of Freelance TV while studying part time, I started my own unusual therapy business and at the same time started writing. I wrote newsletters, blogs, email chats and online stories and I completed my first e-book in 2013. I looked after a running club and a social badminton, but always ended up coming back to writing.
I have always been a story teller and am fascinated by the stories of others. ‘How did you get here?” is one of my favourite questions. I have learned a lot from listening to others. So now I am bringing my story, as well as other’s stories to the world.