Home Life

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote and I have got so much to tell. Life has been blissful since I got home. From making my own cup of tea and driving my car to the shops, to having a siesta nap on my couch to the joy of looking at a selection of clothes hanging in my wardrobe, I am enjoying the simple things all over again.

In many ways it feels like I have never been away, then I see a new building or trees cut down or new shops in the mall or the grey hairs around my dogs eyes and I realise that I have been away. Far away. I look at the photos of the places I have been and on the big screen, they look magnificent. The world looks clean and I look happy. And in many ways I was. I still am unraveling the gifts of my pilgrimage and realising that they will probably never end.

I watched a documentary series on the Camino called ‘The Naked Pilgrim’ that a kind neighbour loaned me. I was moved by the places and his experience of them which was surprisingly similar to mine. I now recognised the places and I felt a wamth of fondness for having shared the experience. The host, Brian Sewell summed it up for me in a very succint way.
” I feel fraudulent because tears come easily on this journey, it is a huge discomfort because I don’t feel anything spiritual, I don’t feel as if the hand of God hovers over me. But I am unaccountably moved by it”.

In the end, I realise that being moved by a place or situation is spiritual and that my journey of life, bad moods, snoring and icky shared bathrooms is all a matter of god or God. I am extremely great-full for having had such an amazing half century of movement.

C’est la vie

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