High (veld)land games

Every once in a while it is good to return to places of my past. The comfort in the familiarity of a place so known makes me feel secure even if some of the buildings have changed. I know the direction of the river, the different angles of the sun, the feeling of the breeze on my skin. It is physically comforting and safe.

Today was exciting because it was the gathering of the Vaal Highland. This meant that from the moment we (sister and I) stepped out of the car till our return, we heard the sounds of bagpipes.  A large competition with pipe bands travelling long distances came to my old home town to compete.  I was duly impressed by the amount of youngsters playing or dancing dressed in the garb of my motherland. The sounds of a land many thousands miles away echoed through the stone amphitheatre and deep into the hearts of many.

The bustle of people, many familiar but not, made for a nice atmosphere where the Scots accent was praised and a different culture, my culture,  was appreciated. Many friends welcomed me ‘home’ for a brief moment and we marvelled in the growth of their kids and grankids while time stood still in the lines of ours faces. Bonds made last century, still allow the ease of a shared history yet the current worlds seem far apart. I relish in knowing that my life is still shared and known to some by means of our Star Trek technology with the marvels of the Internet and Facebook. I love seeing all the non-blood aunties and uncles with some ‘cousins’ who are part of this tartan history of mine.

As the sun baked down with an unusual-for this time of year- rage, we chased the shade in order to save our rooinek skin from crisping. Conversations with shade seekers were struck as commonalities were discussed while sword dancers competed their way through the same song on repeat.

Irn Bru and square sausage found, it was time for us to bid farewell and head up the relatively short road north.  A lovely day out and my heart full of good feeling, I am grateful once more for the adventure of life.

You tak the high road….

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