Half my life

I only had my mum for the first half of my life. I had just celebrated a significant birthday having turned 25 on the 25th. A childhood challenge that amused me. Today marks the 25th anniversary of her passing and I thought about her a lot. I walked a pleasant 20km early morning from one small Spanish village to another as part of the Camino and I had plenty of time to think.

It is strange thinking about my mum because it feels so long ago that I actually talked to her. A lifetime ago really. So much has happened since then, 4 more grandkids and two great grandkids. So much life and death and everything in between. Tomorrow we pass a significant place on the Camino. A place where people leave tributes to loved ones

I am going to place this heart shaped stone I picked up in Johannesburg and dedicate it to all my loved ones in spirit. In a way I am happy that I am doing this. Yet sad that I have so many loved ones no longer here.

We only borrow people and have them for a short time. Much like this journey on the Camino. Some people we have more time with, others we only greet and wish a ‘Beun Camino’.  I am glad for the people I shared with both here and in my life and even though my time with mum was brief I would change it for the world

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