Ca Me No?

It is the night before my last bit of the Camino Frances walk and all that is left is a short 20km. The Camino officially stops in the city of Santiago where the remains of St James  (allegedly) are said to be buried. In some of the reading I have done it was mentioned that the route used to end at the sea in a small town of Fisterra but this was more a Pagan practice which the Church changed. I am grateful for that change because I prefer not having another 100km to walk to reach the sea.

Much like the finish line nearing in a race, I am ecstatically happy at the thought that it is nearly done and I have made it. I have enjoyed it in many ways and I certainly have learned a lot more about myself than before it started. I know for sure that I don’t like getting water dripping down the back of my neck when it rains.  I don’t like carrying a rucksack when I don’t have to but I prefer that to carrying something in my hands. I don’t like sharing my bedroom with 10 strangers talking in strange languages and snoring in the same tone. I am a bit picky at getting into wet showers and hate it when the toilet paper is finished. I am pretty good at reading Spanish hand signals and catching the gist of what is being expressed.

All small practical things and I am sure there are some big philosophical insights waiting to be unfolded. I know the journey or Camino never really ends and I don’t want it to. I am curious  (nosy?) By nature and no doubt there will be more questions to come. One of the wisest things I have heard is that ‘I will never get it done ‘ and I am okay with that knowledge because the world is full of mystery and lessons and joy and fun. I am looking forward to all of it.

Onwards to Santiago we go… (Fisterra on the bus because, you know….)

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