It is a strange thing this Camino. We get up before sunrise to start walking and finish our journey around lunchtime and rest for the afternoon and evening. Then we pack, sleep and do it all again the next day. Why? Well the answer is different for everyone and for the past month it became our ‘job’. My answer varies continously and today I was thinking about how unconventional my life has been.

From coming from a large female dominated family immigrating to a far off land in the early 70’s to working in a male dominated world of TV, I thought just how unlikely my life has been. I have been fortunate to have been raised by excellent parents with the support of protective siblings which made me feel safe in the world. While living a life my mum could never have had- by finishing school, traveling and choosing not to have children with a husband that never wanted me to be conventional, today I was reflecting on the timing of my life. I am aware of how different my generation has been and the freedom in choices from my mum’s generation. I was thinking about how she would brag about my escapades to the bowling ladies and how she never seemed to comment to me directly. I would hear via my friends about her bragging and often with some exaggeration and I would laugh.

Today I know she would be proud of my choices even if she would shake her head like my dad does as he tries to wrap his mindset around what my life looks like. I am thankful for my family that support me even if they don’t understand me either. Some things are not really meant to be understood but simply explored and I am no clearer to understanding myself.

Today was a blessings day and for 6 more days I can explore my thoughts while walking my way to a city that has never really had any relevance to my life before now.  I am looking forward to it!

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  1. I look forward to chatting to you about this amazing journey. It has obviously not been an easy jouney, physically or psychologically. Despite this, you are smiling from ear to ear in all of the photos. See you mid-August.

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