Beauty to behold

I visited a beautiful piece of the earth recently and found myself trying to take it all in. Cape Town is a city at the most southern part of Africa and is truly beautiful. I was there to run a race which gave me the opportunity to view the bay of Hout from a different vantage point. On foot. Walking up the road on Chapman’s Peak is an unusual occurance and I felt honoured to be given the chance.

My ¬†friends live in the city and the flat table top mountain is visible from most areas, clouds permitting. I asked one of my friends if she has become used to seeing the big piece of rock. Does she still marvel at it’s beauty or has it become a taken for granted landmark? She conceded that sometimes the beauty is less visible but more often than not, she appreciates it.

I have been fortunate enough to have seen some beautiful places over the years but have always lived in kind -of -grim towns, visually speaking that is. Industrial towns aren’t usually aesthetically pleasing. I started thinking how I would feel waking up to a view of the city, sea or mountains.

What I have learned to do by being visually deprived is look for the beauty in smaller things. A rose my mum groomed with Rooibos tea, an autumn touched oak tree, a sunset setting clouds on fire, a twinkle in someone’s eye, a smile of relief on a resting worker’s face. I learned to look deeper into people’s faces, hearts and minds and I always find beauty.

I am looking forward to one day waking up to a view. To open my door and let beauty flood my senses but until then, I am grateful for my gift of sight and I will continue to look for the beauty.

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