3 parkBorn in Scotland, schooled in Vereeniging, South Africa and now living in Johannesburg, I have a mixed heritage of Scots, Irish, and some German. A free thinker, yet extremely obedient, made for a very limited childhood. I started working as a nurse, TV sound engineer, therapist and writer. All these roles play a part in my belief ‘I can’ now as I grow older, because for most of my youth I had an undercurrent of thinking ‘I can’t’.


I was one of seven kids and I am all about family and friends. My husband and I chose not to have children and looking back I think it was a very wise decision and also a very empowering one for me. It has given me the luxury to keep developing my self, as well as understand more about myself.


With one book published, and three on their way, I have gently eased myself into thinking that I can be a writer. I am still procrastinating a little, but I find the older I get the excuses loosen their hold.