First night in an Albergue

  1. My Camino journey, like many others started in a small French town, St Jean Pied de Port, at the base of the Pyrenees. I had booked into my hostel and we were welcomed by a very eager Hospitelero, Joseph. He had the hardest task to get us to relax and enjoy the eve of our Camino. Slowly he encouraged us to share a little bit of ourselves which took some of the awkwardness away from a group of strangers. At home we are known as brave or looney, perhaps a bit of both. Here though, we realised that we are almost Pilgrims and that gave us no special status amongst ourselves.

    After a vegetarian dinner we were told ‘lights out ‘ at 10:30. This didn’t give me much time to settle in and sort my backpack nor shower but I did what I could and tried to settle in. I was in a single bed with no bunk above me, but I had been put into the room with a snorer. I also had a strange allergic reaction to something unknown so I tried to find some meds with the aid of a cleverly placed tiny torch, even if I say so myself. Allergy crisis averted I started my pretence of sleep. I suffer from sleep envy but I realised that my brain was over tired and wide awake and was grateful for a short walk stage on the next day.

    Eventually I saw morning light and was gladĀ  to be starting this long awaited day. After showering I realised that evening showers will work better so I can dry my quick-dry towel before I pack it away. I live and learn.

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