60 years

Twenty years ago, pre selfies, pre digital cameras, I was in Scotland to celebrate Joanne’s 40th birthday. She’d planned a girls trip to London to see the Lion King and on hearing that, my FOMO ( fear of missing out-before it officially became a thing) kicked in. I had to be there to celebrate this gorgeous sister of mine going into her fabulous forties. Mary also manoeuvred her work travel plans to squeeze in some time but couldn’t stay for the West End show. The perils ( Haha) of a big family living on both sides of the globe means that there’s very few events that we can always be together but this trip was an amazing one. The sad thing about it not being a fully digitized time means that many of the details are forgotten. Only triggered by the odd photograph here and there. I long for a chance to have kept a proper journal, filling it with details for the future that Joanne wasn’t gifted to us, in.

As usual, we invaded the tiny Paisley flat and air mattresses and sleeping bags, all talking at the same time, full of smiles and cups of tea. Aunt Margaret stopped by and I was always flabbergasted at seeing this older version of me stare back at me. Somehow, these large gatherings always feel so comfortable and easy, even if they seldom happen nowadays. The noise and babble can intimidate outsiders and no doubt young Kieran must have been overwhelmed by so many strange people in his wee hoos.

I often wonder what you would look like at 60. Mind you, we never got to see you at 50. No doubt you would still be glamorous and cocky as ever. Would you have had a party to celebrate the 6 decades, or being pandemic would you have been quietly celebrating at home? Mum never got to 60 either, so I like to imagine that are planning a huge soiree wherever you are and no doubt you have Simon playing the music.

I’m honoured to have shared the planet with you dear sister. Even more honoured I got to share some of that marvelous 40th birthday cake. Honoured to share your genes.

Party on sister! Remember you and mum can now travel on the busses for free, no need to drive, woohoo!

6 thoughts on “60 years

  1. Lovely words Cathie, I think I have a few photos of our London jaunt, including one of
    me dancing on the table. Was thinking about it the other day, imaging dancing with Joanne on her 60th birthday. The memories sometimes fade but mum and Joanne will always be in our hearts ?

  2. Such beautiful words filled with so many memories,wasn’t that long ago really….always in our hearts , never to be forgotten. ?

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