27 days

27 days. That is how long I have been on the Camino. We have 9 walking days left to go and in so many ways I want this to be done. Don’t get me wrong, I am having a great time but in many ways it feels done. There are many things that I am extremely mindful and grateful for yet I find myself longing for many different things.

There is beauty everywhere and lovely glorious sunshine. The Spanish countryside is nothing like I imagined. Mind you, I don’t think I imagined anything. I had spent two quick days in an industrial part of Madrid in the year 2000 and all I remember is that it looked so much like home. What I have been gifted with, is extremely difficult to put words to. I have found that I am really really interested in buildings and architecture so I may look into this in more detail in my future. I think I may be suffering from visual stimulation overload. There are lovely images just waiting to be forever captured yet I don’t take out my camera. This is a familiar feeling. On a family trip of the UK we suffered from castle overload. So here I pass on by the visual image that may have caused a future gasp.

I may start feeling differently as we move into single figures of walking days because my hubby has left home to go work on the Olympics in Rio. He was very diligent in sending me pictures of my dogs and they made my heart melt and my longing for home increase. Sleeping on a cramped bunk-bed seemed ok until I saw my four legged furries stretch out on my king sized bed. But then he would tell me how cold it was and that the wind was blowing a gale and I felt huge gratitude to be missing the worst of winter.
This trip has indeed taught me how to be grateful for the small things in life. My own shower, hair conditioner, quiet in the morning, two pillows, my couch, a MUG of tea, peanut butter sandwich, clean cutlery on a second course of food, driving my car instead of walking everywhere, constant cell phone contact, different clothes, and blow drying my hair.

I am looking forward to appreciating my life back home but in the meantime it’s  ‘Beun Camino’ . Onwards and upwards

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