I woke up to wagging tails and smiling faces
I was gifted an opportunity to see my city in a different way
I shared my space with an old friend doing new things
I saw the transformation of a public place by one man and his dog
I marveled at the beauty of paint on a wall
Stood fascinated at seeing people’s imagination come to life in the form of wood, beads, paper, wool, shell and copper wire
I saw the regeneration of a trendy street that a couple of years ago looked sad
I was mesmerised by a life well lived and a sense of adventure for the future
I salivated while opening an overseas treat
I caught up with friends far away without uttering a word
I witnessed birds ending their day by chitchatting with each other
I watched big threatening storm clouds blow away to the far horizon
I felt the last ray’s of a setting sun glow through my body on a block of cement
I heard the silence of trail runners as they weaved their way through the dark with a small headlamp
I felt my heart push it’s way to my ears as my body obediently did what I told it to
I appreciated the hot meal at the end of my physical adventure
I relished the hot water wash off the dust of my run
I gratefully curled up in a ball in my own bed.

My own life, well lived.
What will today bring?