+1 night before take off

I’m leaving on a jet plane

It’s past midnight and I am tired of pretending to sleep. I should be enjoying my last sleep in my own bed but I toss and turn while admiring the back of my eyelids. I have checked off the mental list of last minute surges of necessary things and have moved onto the wondering part.

I wonder what the weather will be like. I wonder if I will pick up any conversational Spanish. What will the hostels be like. Will the people (including me) smell. I wonder how far I will go in a day. How early will the sun get up. Will there be mosquitoes. How will I sleep. What will the food be like. Will the masses be in Spanish or Latin. What will I do if I finish the walk before I’m due back in Paris. Why am I doing this. Will the beds be comfy. What will the buses be like. Is smoking still as rampant as it was in Madrid in 2000. Must remember my sarong. Will my towel be big enough. Will I use the music Debbie gave me and when do I think I will need it. Will there be enough power points. What food will i get on the plane. Hey I can check in……

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